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The Fallen shall Thrive May 3, 2008

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The Fallen  About four years ago  I did a  sketch of this fallen Sonneratia Alba, apparently struck by lightning on Christmas Eve 2003.

The old sketch was executed  with a 2 B graphite pencil, showing  details of the fresh breaks on some roots and masses of  earth still clinging stubbornly to the tips of the roots. Clumps of foliage on the higher branches laid so helplessly on the  ground still attached, waiting perhaps to continue its wondrous food making  process of photosynthesis. It attracted my attention then simply because of its unusual state brought about by an act of  nature and I wondered if the tree could overcome this seemingly cruel strike.

Four years on it has found a new way to survive and thriving well. My faith in Nature held strong.

Two large clusters of lively green foliage now grow on its prone trunk, like a fish with 2 large dorsal fins in tandem.  How it will continue to grow would be an interesting phenomenum to know and  I  wonder if it  can still bear  fruits  like the others do.

This present charcoal sketch is dedicated to those who need to make do with  changes caused by the  inevitable. 

Take heart, Nature and Time do wonders when we have faith.

Pui San 3 May 2008 


MayDay Outreach 2008 May 2, 2008

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the finished  muralhomeschoolers at workOn MayDay we celebrated Nature with some homeschoolers.

 A 2 x 4 metre  mural depicting marine life was painted at the refurbished “english cottage” at Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin. This was also a part of the IYOR 2008 celebrations ( International Year of the Reefs)

Being our first  art project outside our home ground  at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, and to ensure the  theme was aesthetically pleasing,  a training session was conducted for the kids to prepare them.

The  Dabblers painted the  upper portion while the  kids so patiently painted the  lower portion below the waves, despite  the somewhat awkward level to work at. The mural turned out  well, receiving much attention and  praise from visitors.


 PuiSan 2May08