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water color wetlands November 25, 2013

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water color wetlands

Water color demo at Paintalong session with Pui San on 24 Nov at Sungei Buloh paltform 2.


Egrets Grooming November 21, 2013

Egrets Grooming

A miniature pen sketch (4x5cm) to decorate my pocket Moleskine journal front page.


Water Color Wetlands by Tham Pui San November 18, 2013


View of main pond on the right from the Main Bird Hide.
This painting is a memorable one. A group of eight otters appeared below the deck, and a water snake was their object of fun and teasing right before my eyes.

The next paintalong session will be conducted at Platform 2 on 24 Nov 2013 from 0830 to 1130am.