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Come September February 21, 2007

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Come September

11” x 15”

Pastel on sanded card


While seeking out interesting elements to compose this scene, I came across this group of egrets busy foraging the mud bed for food. Ordinarily their appearance would not mean much. But on reflection we can take comfort that a year has passed and they made a comeback to the reserve despite untold disturbance to the natural environment caused by us humans.

Pui San

Sep 04


Path to somewhere February 19, 2007

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Path to somewhere

11” x15”



I discovered this path after a year’s service with the reserve and fell in love with it the very moment I set eyes on it.

It’s a classic composition, directing movement towards the bend to somewhere promising, and an essence of a place where you might have been before.


Pui San

May 04


A Common Mangrove Scene February 18, 2007

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A Common Mangrove Scene

11’ x15”



Scenes like these appear commonplace but a second look may reveal interesting details like the thriving epiphyte, growing like a bouquet above the smooth texture of the rising tide.

 The water neatly divides the contrasting clusters of greens from the sinewy roots of the buta buta trees. These form the compositional elements I need.


Pui San



Opportunity knocks February 17, 2007

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Opportunity knocks

7” x   9”

Pastel Pencils


Meaningful use of the little windows of waiting time we may have could be quite a challenge and productive if opportunities also present themselves then.

It was 2 hours early for my guiding tour to start and the tide was very low exposing the riverbank and the roots of the foreground Avicennias. What better way to absorb nature than to preserve this humble scene?


Pui San

16 Oct 04


Haze in Buloh February 16, 2007

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Haze in Buloh


11” x 15”



Colours of nature were dulled and subdued.  Birds were out of sight and hardly any calls were heard. The vista was cloaked in a still haze, with a faint smell of burnt grass.

Were these reasons enough to deter my attempt to sketch this hazy scene?

Convinced myself that this was an opportunity to tap on creativity and was richly rewarded with the attempt and outcome.


Pui San

Oct 04


Celebration February 13, 2007

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11” x 15”



The drama of sunrise is undeniably stunning if weather conditions are just right.

Most times I wasn’t that lucky at the Kranji Nature Trail.

But I managed to sketch this one, which says it all, celebrating the beauty and glory of nature’s ways.


Pui San

May 04


Mudflat Market February 12, 2007

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Mudflat market



As the water level rises, images of reflected tree shapes gradually take form, sometimes distorted by the movements of wading birds.

The waders then move on to higher ground and soon the aquatic nutrients which pond lives depend on are once again replenished.  And food supply is assured for another day.


Pui San

Aug 04


Cattails February 11, 2007

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11” x!5”



Catstails and sea almonds are some of my favourites found in the reserve.

I could not resist this appealing composition when they were juxtaposed so convincingly to flaunt their handsome profiles.


Pui San

Aug 04


Aerie Reflected February 10, 2007

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Aerie reflected

11”x 15’



When the pond is filled, its surface takes on a mirror-like effect. It has the ability to reflect its own surroundings. And like so in life, when filled with sorrow or joy, we should have the clarity to reflect upon those moments that make us whole.


Pui San



Just Trees February 9, 2007

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Just Trees

11” x 15”



As a child I saw trees as towers of strength, protective and invincible.

Taken singly or collectively, the symbolism associated with trees is undoubtedly intriguing.

Now I paint them as symbols of grace, wisdom and vulnerability, akin to my own inevitable progression of life towards the autumn years.


Pui San