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Beached at Sungei Billabong December 25, 2013

Beached at Sungei Billabong

Along the bank of the Billabong River, are two washed up boats, long abandoned but visually very appealing against the wetlands background. Chanced upon this when I ventured into the the less traveled path. Used my vintage set of cake water colours made by Holbein, to paint this scene.


trash bin art December 7, 2013

trash bin art

Sungei Buloh wetlands celebrated its 20the anniverary on 7 Dec2013. Trash bin painting was one activity enjoyed by volunteers and visitors.


Wetland pastel December 4, 2013


This is Sungei Buloh Wetlands main pond after the overnight rain, which cleared the air and cooling the surroundings. Cant resist painting such a refreshed look of my usual haunt.


nipah palm December 2, 2013

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nipah palm

The fruits of this palm is called attap chee in the local language, used in iced desserts. This palm grows well in back mangroves in our wetlands. The leaves are used for roof thatches. The sap is fermented into an intoxication beverage called toddy. Ethanol is also a product of the sap.


a sketch of wetland flora

 a sketch of wetland flora

Pencil sketch of the Nipah Palm fruit, found in our local wetlands. The flesh is edible, commonly known as Attap Chee, used in iced kachang desserts. The leaves are used for roof thatches and the palm sap to make toddy, an intoxicating beverage.