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The Fallen shall Thrive May 3, 2008

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The Fallen  About four years ago  I did a  sketch of this fallen Sonneratia Alba, apparently struck by lightning on Christmas Eve 2003.

The old sketch was executed  with a 2 B graphite pencil, showing  details of the fresh breaks on some roots and masses of  earth still clinging stubbornly to the tips of the roots. Clumps of foliage on the higher branches laid so helplessly on the  ground still attached, waiting perhaps to continue its wondrous food making  process of photosynthesis. It attracted my attention then simply because of its unusual state brought about by an act of  nature and I wondered if the tree could overcome this seemingly cruel strike.

Four years on it has found a new way to survive and thriving well. My faith in Nature held strong.

Two large clusters of lively green foliage now grow on its prone trunk, like a fish with 2 large dorsal fins in tandem.  How it will continue to grow would be an interesting phenomenum to know and  I  wonder if it  can still bear  fruits  like the others do.

This present charcoal sketch is dedicated to those who need to make do with  changes caused by the  inevitable. 

Take heart, Nature and Time do wonders when we have faith.

Pui San 3 May 2008 


3 Responses to “The Fallen shall Thrive”

  1. Joseph Lai Says:

    Dear Puisan,
    that’s a very powerful affirmation of hope and forbearance and fortitude. He said it so well.

    Joe Lai

  2. Dear Joe,
    Nature in all its glory and beauty is a constant source of hope and encouragement if we observe closely enough. I am merely copying her in her clever and in most times little understood ways of dealing with adversities.
    Pui San

  3. Ted Burrett Says:

    My friend on Facebook shared this link and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came here.

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