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DECAY is beautiful May 25, 2021

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Exploring Nature to express an aspect of my Silver Age status.

My neighbourhood park has a variety of landscaped features and my favourite is the Lotus Pond.
Besides a very healthy mix of plants, insects and birds, the lotus garden feature has lots to explore and enjoy.

My familiarity with this pond has provided me with many inspiring moments just from observing them over time.

And one aspect that intrigued and inspired me is their display, not only of its bright pink blooms but the miraculous transformation from shoots to seeds, followed by its slow death naturally narrated in the fading glory of its past life, decaying so beautifully in my eyes.

Inspiration comes easy when they spoke to me, beckoning my desire to express how I felt and tried to understand. I drew parallels with my own silver age journey and my own being.

How can I make sense of what nature had to say?

As an artist my immediate reaction was to express its decaying beauty as best I can, hopeful that it will in turn stir something in your hearts to relook at life and ponder what with our rich base of wisdom and experience, likened to the nutrients and unexplored wonders of the lotus plant, can we not also be as beautiful in our time??

Hope you will find your inspiration when you visit your lotus pond.

Tham Pui San,Nature Artist

25 May 2021


Lotus Flowers in pencil October 2, 2016

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These were studies done at Bishan Park and Kampong Java Road in 2008.

8 years on…. my fascination with natural forms remain just as engaging. These were sketches from the ponds at Bishan Park and Kg Java Road. Plan to visit these spots again to gain new insights.