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LongHouse Food Centre, Upper Thomson Road April 13, 2014

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Soon this food centre will be history to make way for a condo development and new rail transport.


5 Responses to “LongHouse Food Centre, Upper Thomson Road”

  1. Kelvin Says:

    Dear Pui San

    My name is Kelvin, and I am writing to get permission for me to use this piece of your work in a non-profit video for diabetes awareness. I will leave your website address in the credits section of the video.

    Thank you


    • Kelvin,Please let me know for whom is  your  diabetes awareness video  made, Or some details about it please.Thanks         Tham Pui San, phone 97762750

      • Lim Kelvin Says:

        Hi, I’m working for a local pharmacy called Georgetown pharmacy. I’ll show you a sample video I made before this.

        My intention is only to spread the awareness of diabetes and how to help people to deal with it.

      • Hi Kelvin, Thanks for the clarification and the video. You may use my image with due credit.

                Tham Pui San, phone 97762750

  2. Lim Kelvin Says:

    Thank you Pui San!

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