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Pen and Wash April 7, 2010

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remnants of the colonial past

Travelling light and sketching with the bare minimum materials is almost a habit now.
One drawing pad, 2 marker pens and small watercolour box and a brush is all I need.
In Jakarta last month, a brief introduction to the older parts of this great city got me really excited by the extensive array of beautiful sites to paint. As I didnt have much time, so I had to work fast. These two scenes are my first impressions of this city.

old Batavia wharf


2 Responses to “Pen and Wash”

  1. Patti Szopiak Says:

    Mr. Tham,
    You were our guide at Hort Park last weekend. Thank you for sharing your passion for nature through both your volunteer work and your art. I enjoyed browsing through your artwork and am particularly fond of your pen and wash remnants of colonial past and Old Batavia warf.

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