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Photobooks November 14, 2009

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recent works

The thought of keeping memories alive is always on my mind. But what should I do with the large amounts of sketches and paintings, accumulated through 8 years,which captured many of my encounters in this wetlands? Through the encouragement and suggestion from a dear friend I got started to retrieve and compile some recent works done at this reserve. There were lots to cull from my journals, sketches and paintings. So finally I made 3 books using an online photoprinting vendor. It was a very satisfying experience, from discovering lost images to the final editing.
One is on ginger inspirations, one on the wetlands and the third on my travels in Thailand.

Update on the photobook project:: 8 May 2010
The final editions for 2 of the books are now catalogued in our National Library:
(1) ISBN 978-981-08-5028-9: Inspirations from Nature
(2) ISBN 978-981-08-5078-4: Chiangmai Delights. These are available for reference only.

These 2 books are limited editions and are not commercially available. Reprints can be made upon requests.
Now I am working on the text for the Wetlands book, targeted to be completed by mid 2011.


4 Responses to “Photobooks”

  1. agnes Says:

    Dear Mr Tham,
    I would like to find out from you whether the photobooks that you have are they available for sale? Thankyou.

  2. Agnes.
    So sorry they are not commercially available, but I can made reprints of this limited edition if you need them.

  3. Hepsi Says:

    Dear Mr.Tham,

    The photobook on your travel toThailand ,was truly inspirational and amazing !!!

    It was interesting to see the common lifestyle and how wonderfully you have captured them.

    Thanks for bringing and sharing your photobook with us all.

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