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A Charcoal Sketch to record my walk September 23, 2008

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Sungei Buloh vs Johor Bahru skyline

Sungei Buloh vs Johor Bahru skyline

One of my favourite walks I take at Buloh is at this mangrove boardwalk. I could see Malaysia across the straits. The contrasting  shapes of mangrove trees silhouetted against  the city skyline of Johor Bahru caught my  attention, making it a telling image of nature vs man, complementing perhaps in terms of aesthetics or silently declaring our co-existence is in imminent disruption. Neither aspect was the reason for my sketch. I scanned the horizon, everything there look tranquil and still. No human presence, no traffic noise and no trash washed ashore this morning. The silence is only broken by occasional bird calls.  Its another perfect morning to start my new day. 

Tham Pui San

23Sep 08


4 Responses to “A Charcoal Sketch to record my walk”

  1. hi mr tham, i like your artwork. they’re really good.

  2. puisan Says:

    hi mayflower, thanks for the feedback.
    Will post more soon.

  3. yeoh Says:

    hi Uncle Pui San
    I love your artwork. You are really good at it. Thanks for preserving nature in paintings.

    God bless……yeoh

  4. Mendis Says:

    Hi Pui San,

    Thank you for sharing your work. As a photographer, I ‘feel’ the passion in all of your artwork. Inspiring!

    God Bless you and your family.

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