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Paint along with Pui San March 15, 2007

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art session at platform 2puisan.jpg

The next painting session will be on 27 Mar 2011. We will meet and sketch at Shelter #2 Mangrove Boardwalk, from 0830 to 1130. This locality offers a good mix of water areas, trees, plants and a picturesque view of the straits separating Singapore from Johor.
The session will cover basic water colour, and pencil sketching. You can bring any material you like. Beginners are welcome.
See you on 27 Mar 2011 ( Sunday).

Tham Pui San,
updated on 7 Mar 2011

For details please call the Visitor Centre  at 67941401


12 Responses to “Paint along with Pui San”

  1. Hi,
    Great, What time is the session eh?


  2. Dear bulohotters,
    Have included the timing in the invitation. 0830 to 1130. Thks for the input.

  3. gmelin Says:

    Yes, Mangrove Boardwalk Shelter 3 is perfect for a paint-along session and a picnic lunch. One can hear the Kingfishers calling and the cicadas too!

  4. Darshan Mehta Says:

    I have a daughter 7 yrs old
    is this activity suitable for her ?

  5. Hi Darshan,
    Participants of any age from about 7 are welcome. She may start on simple drawing techniques on nature subjects here at S. Buloh.
    Why not join in for a session and take it from there?

  6. mwjbb Says:

    11Good site!!!!!

  7. Cindy Tan Says:


    I have 2 girls, ages 5+ and 7+.
    Will be their 1st outdoor drawing experience.
    what is the dress code? And what must they bring?

  8. Pui San Says:

    Hi Cindy,
    Please come in any dress code you wish. But if you are concerned about mosquitoes, long sleeves and pants are recommended or else a spray of repellent will do.
    Your children must love drawing with crayons. These work well with nature painting.
    Hope to see you all the next session.
    Pui San

  9. I do Egg Shell Art, with craft materials, making faces of Doctors, Nurses, Police Man, Santa Claus, St. Valentine, Giesha Girls, etc.
    I have a collection of over 80 Egg Heads of various caricatures, have never seen any made as mine are. I draw the faces with colored marking pen, then lock the colors in with a spray of lacquer. Is there any classes for such art work? Please advise me, if so, where and when? MDS

  10. There is no specific art classes for this sort of art at the reserve where I volunteer as an artist. so sorry. We do have stone painting once in a while for special events. You can check out for details.

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